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Event dates reported by groups themselves

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Why should your regional association or (small) group publish its own dates throughout Europe?

The boundaries are in your mind, you don't like travelling more than 5km. But freaks look for events and turn them into a day trip or a (short) holiday. They determine the radius based on their local calendar.

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D 39175 Gerwisch
D 26419 Schortens
NL 9640 Veendam
D 25761 Büsum
RP Bohol (Island)
D 25718 Friedrichskoog
D 49413 Dinklage
D 26935 Stadland
D 25704 Meldorf

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Saturday, 2.3.2024 10:00
Hafengebiet Büsum
D-25761 Büsum | Kaufhaus Stolz)

Wanderfreunde Eddelak u. Umgebung e.V.