Hanze Shanty Festival

Shantykoor Maritiem Winschoten

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Organizer: «De Padd,n»

reported by Shantykoor Maritiem Winschoten  on 05.12.2018   53 views

«Shantykoor Maritiem Winschoten» participates in this event:

Hanze Shanty Festival
in NL-Hattem am 22.6.2019 23:59-

paddenkoor.nl   2018-12-05

Hanze Shanty Festival   22.06.2019

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1.  Piratenkoor De Zingende padd`n

Dirk Boeve   NL Hattem


Hanze Shanty Festiva, NL Hattem

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2.  Shantykoor Maritiem Winschoten

Shantykoor Maritiem Winschoten

Kassenwart: Meind de Wit   NL Winschoten


shantyfestival, NL Winschoten


Hanze Shanty Festiva, NL Hattem


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