Sonntag, 28. März 2021 bis Donnerstag, 01.04.

18th Budapest International Choir Festival   Chorkonzert, Chorfestival

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H-1011 Budapest     (Közép-Magyarország)


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Since 1988, choirs are magnetized to join to Budapest International Choir Festival and Competition every second year. With an experience of almost 30 years the team has focused on improving its events and the Evaluation System, the partnership with the participants and clarifying the aims in choral music.
In 2021 find your category in a wider selection of categories. In addition to the well‐known ones choirs will have the possibility to sign up for Senior Choir, Musica Sacra, Pop, and Jazz and Gospel competitions as well.

We are cordially inviting everyone to join this renewed celebration of choral music in one of Central Europe’s cultural centres, in the prestigious concert halls of historical Budapest.

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