# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
# Veranstaltungsreihen lesen
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
,COUNT(*)     anzahl_events
,MIN(tag)     min_tag
,MAX(tag)     max_tag

FROM    bia_termine trm1
WHERE   trm1.veranstaltungsreihe IS NOT NULL
AND     trm1.veranstaltungsreihe > '@'
AND     trm1.tag  >= CURDATE()
AND    (trm1.tag_bis IS NULL OR trm1.tag_bis  >= CURDATE())
AND     trm1.intern_kz  = 0
AND    (trm1.gesperrt_bis IS NULL OR trm1.gesperrt_bis <= NOW())
GROUP BY trm1.veranstaltungsreihe
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