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Zaterdag, 11. Juli 2020   00:00 uur tot Woensdag, 15.07.


11th Musica Eterna Roma

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meeting music

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Musica Eterna Roma invites to sing and to enjoy magnificent days, follow an old telling: “All roads lead to Rome”.
Find your place in a wide range of categories for different standards, types of choirs and musical genres for all amateur groups. Mixed, Female and Male Choirs with or without requirements, Children's Choirs, Youth Choirs of equal voices, and Youth Choirs of mixed voices, Musica Sacra, Gospel and Spiritual.
Apply for festival activities and Sing! with others at meeting in music Friendship Concerts or improve your skills in Individual Coachings and Evaluation Performances and more!

For further information please ask:

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* Deelnemers aan het festival worden opgeslagen op en toegewezen door te klikken op. Onbekende deelnemers worden niet opgeslagen.

Meer info op «11th Musica Eterna Roma in Roma» bei Google.   Zoeken naar video's «meeting music» bei YouTube.

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