Friday, 15. December 2017   20:00 o'clock

This Little Babe - Weihnachtslieder aus aller Welt


Heidelberger Landstraße 155    ? 

D-64297 Darmstadt Eberstadt   (Hessen)

 deutsch   english 

Reported by The ESOC Chorus

The ESOC Chorus presents a musical journey from wintry Central and Eastern Europe via Spain, the Caribbean, South America, South Africa to midsummer Australia. Accordingly, not only will the carols be sung in German and English, but also in Dutch, Czech, Polish, Russian and Spanish. Under the direction of James Schar, the singers of the ESOC Chorus will present many of them “a cappella”, (without instrumental accompaniment). The audience can therefor look forward to a varied and atmospheric evening and, as always, are cordially invited at the end to sing along!

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