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Friday, 26. May 2017 until Sunday, 28.05.

Gloucester Sea Shanty Festival   Festival

Shanty and maritim songs

The Docks    ? 

GB-GL1 Gloucester   (South West)

Reported by administrator Kalle

Ahoy There!

Welcome aboard! We are proud to be able to announce Gloucester's Third Annual sea shanty festival, which, this year, will run alongside the Gloucester Tall Ships Festival.

With a great line up of around 30 nationally and internationally acclaimed acts performing at various venues around our historic city.

Two showcase concerts in aid of the Severn Area Rescue Association.

Treasure Trail and Pirate Walk!

Children's Activities and Singarounds!

28.05.2017   2017-01-21

Gloucester Sea Shanty Festival   26.05.2017 - 28.05

Performers and their future festivals

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