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Salzburg International Choral Celebration

Choir, -festival

Wednesday, 14. June 2017 until Monday, 19.06.


A-5020 Salzburg


meeting music

Look forward to the Opening Concert in Mozarteum: musical welcome greetings from the region and around the world.
Competition Concerts in the categories: Mixed, Male and Female Choirs, Children and Youth Choirs, Musica Sacra and Folklore; For non-competitive participation there will be other educational Festival Activities: meeting in music Friendship Concerts in and around Salzburg, Evaluation Performances, Individual Coaching.
Sing in the Dome of Salzburg, at churches and beautiful & historical venues of the city and celebrate with us at the Salzburg International Choral Celebration and Competition.

Early bird deadline: 30.11.2016
Application deadline: 31.01.2017

Contact: E-Mail: info(at)  

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