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05.06.2016   2015-06-12

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Reported by administrator Kalle   3 views   Organizer: «Langesund Mandssangforening»

Langesund International Shantyfestival   03.06.2016 - 05.06

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1.  Armstrong's Patent

Hero Woldhuis   NL Appingedam

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2.  Four `n´Aft

xx   GB xx

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3.  Langesund Mandssangforening

Formann: Tom Markus   N Langesund

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4.  Maritimer Chor Wolfsburg

Vorsitzender: Eckart Melchior   D Wolfsburg

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5.  Shanty-Chor Aegeri

Termin-Angelegenheiten: Bruno Degennaro   CH Oberägeri

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6.  Shantykoret Cape Horn

Korleder: Håkon Tøssebro   N Bergen

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