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Shantyfestival 2

Video: «Shantyfestival 2»

Langesund International Shantyfestival blir arranger hvert år første helg i Juni.

Participants / Deltagere:

Andante - Norway
Four 'n' Aft - England
Hvaler Trivselskor - Norway
Karl Johan Koret - Norway
Langesund Mandssangforening - Norway
Mâles de Mer- Belgium
Nordbygda Sangforening - Norway
Nordre Skur og Ballast - Norway
Risør Shantykor - Norway
Sandvikens Mandskor - Norway
Seemanns-Chor Nürnberg e.V. - Germany
Shanty-chor Oldenburg e.V. - Germany
Unicorn - Netherlands
Øvre Rendal Mannskor - Norway

Da samles kor og grupper fra fjern og nær til en maritim festival i Langesund.

Vi har hatt gjester fra inn og utland som f.eks England, Tyskland, Holland, Polen, Danmark, Belgia, amerika og Australia.

Er dere et kor eller en gruppe som ønsker å delta, er det bare å ta kontakt og melde dere på. (se her)

First weekend in June every year, there will be Langesund International Shanty Festival. Then gather choirs and groups from far and near to a maritime festival in Langesund.

We have had guests from home and abroad such as England, Germany, Holland, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, America and Australia.

Are you a choir or group who would like to participate, simply contact and notify you of. (Click here)

shanty, also spelled Chantey, or Chanty (from French chanter, "to sing"), English-language sailors' work song dating from the days ofsailing ships, when manipulating heavy sails, by means of ropes, from positions on the deck constituted a large part of a sailor's work.

festival, day or period of time set aside to commemorate, ritually celebrate or reenact, or anticipate events or seasons   13.08.2014


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Langesund International Shanty Festival   05.06.2015 - 07.06

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1.  Langesund Mandssangforening

Formann: Tom Markus   N Langesund

HP   remso  not registered *

2.  Males de Mer

xxx   B xxx

  Wat leid den zeeman / 1:25

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3.  Seemannschor Nürnberg e.V.

Schriftführer: Helmut Stiegler   D Wendelstein

HP   remso  not registered *

4.  Shanty-Chor Oldenburg e.V.

Organisation: Heiko Hillmer   D Oldenburg

  Roll the cotton down / 1:00

  Hafenunterricht / 1:00

  Jonny come down to Hilo / 1:00

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